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If you're in the area, you should try the sushi anyway. From traditional sushi restaurants where sushi chefs sit at the counter and make sushi in front of you, to reasonably priced revolving sushi restaurants where sushi is served on a plate and rotated, to inexpensive stores that specialize in take-out, there are a variety of sushi restaurants to choose from to suit your budget.

Many varieties, many flavors.

We make many flavors of sushi, tempura, sukiyaki, yakitori, okonomiyaki, soba,

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We also prepared a delicious Dessert.

Seafood Scattered Sushi

This is a type of sushi in which a variety of ingredients are decorated and served on top of sushi rice, centering on the materials used to hold the sushi (such as raw fish and shellfish).

Day Covered Rice

Tempura is served on top of a large bowl of rice with a topping. If it is served in a square multi-layered wooden box, it is also called Tenju (Tenju).

Inari Sushi

This is a type of sushi in which rice is stuffed into sweet and salty tofu. It is known by various names such as "Inari", "Oinari" and "Inari".

Tempura Soba

Hot soba noodles in soup served on

Tempura soba noodles for tempura

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